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The Experience

Job readiness skills are an essential component in breaking the cycle of homelessness. At UGM, residents learn to engage with an employer’s mission and be part of a team.

Through our Vocational Advancement program, each resident’s educational background and career interests are assessed and documented. Staff members then work with residents to create a long-term plan with incremental steps. The ultimate goal is not just to get a job – any job – but to engage their talents, skills and passions in meaningful work.

Vocational Advanment

Residents in the LIFE Recovery program spend up to 8 hours per week in our VocEd Centers: studying for their GED, learning computer skills, practicing their recovery skills, polishing resumes, searching for appropriate careers. They also attend a WorkNet class aimed at helping them overcome barriers to employment.

Toward the end of their program, they apply and interview for a practicum at a local business. When a solid match is found, residents work 240 hours in an unpaid staff position. This gives them the opportunity to re-enter the work force incrementally, rebuild their resumes and gain a valuable job reference.

As residents transition back into society, they are clear about their next steps, whether that be additional education or employment.

“They need to get connected to the community. We need volunteers. It’s a great match. I would encourage you to get involved with the business practicum program. It’s great for your business.” – Steve Wilson, president of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce

How your business can engage with UGM

Your company can be a vital part of helping men and women break the cycle of homelessness. Varying degrees and methods of involvement are available. ALL are extremely valuable.

  • Business practicum
  • Provide real-world experience to a volunteer from our LIFE Recovery program.
  • Employment partners
  • Notify us of job openings.
  • Offer job search assistance.
  • Career Fair
  • Expose our residents to your school or business.

Interested in impacting lives in your workplace and helping to break the cycle of homelessness?

Submit the attached form, and a member of our Vocational Advancement staff will contact you to explain the options.

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